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Father John Baptist, vampire slayer
29 October 2004

Effeminacy at the service of the fashion profiteers
20 August 2004

The Catholic Church's Abu Ghraib
16 July 2004

Lay Catholics say 'no', bishops say 'yes', to gay predator priests
9 July 2004

Controversial Hindi flick sets anger aflame
18 June 2004

Is Tom Monaghan dismantling another Catholic college?
28 May 2004

An alternative proposal for Ave Maria
14 May 2004

Sexing up Singapore
7 May 2004 Catholic World Report

A hothouse chapel in Hurricane Alley
26 March 2004 The Wanderer

Whistleblower priest on trial; critics say bishop exacting revenge
19 March 2004 The Wanderer

Mystery surrounds death of Albany priest
27 February 2004

A murder mystery spun for and about traditional Catholics
18 February 2004 The Wanderer

Onward Muslim Soldiers: Christendom Awake!
15 December 2003 The American Conservative

A heart that won't stop aching
4 December 2003 The Wanderer

Traditional treasures in the world's most tragic city
Fall 2003 The Latin Mass

The Magdalene Sisters: Unfortunately, it's true
November 2003 The Catholic World Report

Overexposure: A new kind of scandal
October 2003 The Catholic World Report

The DaVinci Code: The greatest story ever sold
6 October 2003 The American Conservative

Mission aborted: The failed Dutch invasion of Poland
8 September 2003 The American Conservative

The conversion specialist
28 August 2003 McCloskey's Perspectives

Pre-emptive war on the Passion
11 August 2003 The American Conservative

5 August 2003

Castro's crackdown: Another wave of oppression
August 2003 The Catholic World Report

Mapping the matrix of clerical sex abuse
18 July 2003

15 July 2003

Britain's "dirty war" on the IRA
July 2003 The Catholic World Report

Replanting the Seeds of Christianity in Far-East Russia
July 2003 New Oxford Review

Cali: Working for peace in a troubled city
15 June 2003 The Wanderer

The crisis at Crisis magazine
June 2003 New Oxford Review

Catholic London: Loyal to Rome, Faithful to Tradition
Summer 2003 Latin Mass Magazine

The other war on terror
June 2003 The Catholic World Report

A different kind of aid to Colombia
June 2003 The Catholic World Report

Putting legends to the test
May 2003 The Catholic World Report

Gaudí's glory day
March 2003 The Catholic World Report

In search for the Just Judges
February 2003 The Catholic World Report

Extravagance, for whose glory?
12 January 2003 Newsday

The astounding naivete of Crisis magazine
December 2002 New Oxford Review

LA cathedral: Can't get out of the box
12 November 2002 The Wall Street Journal

Bishops' actions expose more corruption
27 June 2002 The Wanderer

The roots of the scandal
June 2002 The Catholic World Report

Rome hits the brakes in Milwaukee
July 2001 The Catholic World Report

A self-imposed shortage
February 2001 The Catholic World Report

Renovating or ruining the cathedrals?
October 2000 The Catholic World Report

Rwanda: The facts behind the massacres
July 2000 The Catholic World Report

Decapitating the Church in Rwanda
July 2000 The Catholic World Report

Women religious embrace Eco-Spirituality
October 1998 The Catholic World Report

Behind enemy lines
August 1997 The Catholic World Report


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Architecttura della Chiesa

by Michael S. Rose

In Tiers of Glory
A beautifully-illustrated history of church architecture






MICHAEL S. ROSE was born in 1969 in Chicopee, Mass. Educated at Brown University and the University of Cincinnati, he is the author of five books, including the NY Times bestseller Goodbye, Good Men. He is Executive Editor of Crux News, Producer of and a contributing editor of New Oxford Review. His articles and editorials have appeared in venues such as The Wall Street Journal, NY Newsday, The American Conservative and The Catholic World Report. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife Barbara and their four children.