Captain America Review


When you go online to play the slots and you are looking for fun and adventure, you want to have a look at the Captain America slots game at online casinos. This game is powered by Playtech software and that means it has amazing graphics and runs fast and smooth. It is one of Playtech’s Marvel themed games which make it a great choice for those comic fans.


When you see the Captain America slots game you will be impressed by all of the detail it has. The background is designed in a manner that houses the reels in a way which helps all the symbols really pop. The symbols in the game include Captain America, Red Skull, the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, military helmets, and more. The game can be played for anywhere from .01 and 5.00 and the largest jackpot on it is good for a win of 12,500 coins.


When you want to play a slots game that has a lot of special features, you definitely want to try this one. The Captain America symbol is the wild symbol which means it replaces others to bring wins. The Captain America logo is the scatter which takes players to the bonus round when they get three or more. An important thing to mention is there are plenty of other special symbols and features you can enjoy when you play on this game as well.


The Captain America slots game has all the elements most players set out to find and you will quickly see that this is a game that can entertain you for hours. Plus, it offers you a lot of ways to win along the way.

Symbols in Online Slots

We all know the slots machines and all the different symbols on them. No matter what kind of slot machine you are really playing, you will find symbols. Here is some more information about the different kinds of symbols that you will find the online slots.

Scatter symbols

The scatter symbols are the symbols that you will find at any slot machine. These scatter symbols are normally the same as the theme of the machine. If the machine has a theme of underwater creatures, then the symbols will be the same as the theme. For example the underwater creature theme will have symbols like dolphins, sharks, sea horses, etc. This is the symbols that you need to get three in a row to be able to win.

Wild symbols

Another symbol that you will find most of the online slots, is the wild symbols. These symbols are also coming in different forms. But, we all love the wild symbols.

These symbols are when it is a substitute for a certain scatter symbol. For example if you are playing the underwater theme, and you have two dolphins and a wild symbol. Then the wild symbol will be substituted for the dolphin symbol, and you will win the winnings of three dolphins. This is why so many people like the wild symbols.

Bonus symbols

The bonus symbols aren’t found in many online slots. These symbols are to get a free spin or any other bonus that you will not find in other slot machines. Normally it is just a free spin, or a bonus amount of coins. These bonus symbols online slot machines are popular among players.

You normally don’t really think about the different symbols on an online slot machine. But, with this knowledge, you will know to look better at your slot machine that you want to play, to see if there are any wild symbols or bonus symbols that are making playing the slots even better.