Online Casino Guide

This is a useful online casino guide for all online gambling beginners. So where do we start? Firstly, we will explain to you what online casino gambling is. Online casinos developed as a result on the internet. The more people used the internet, the more the demand was for entertainment on the internet. When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing bigger than gambling. Gambling has been around since the beginning of modern man and so it has only been natural that it has developed with technology.

Online casinos provide you with the convenience of staying at home to gamble instead of going to a land based casino, like the ones you will find in Vegas and Macau. They also offer you special welcome bonuses that land based casinos don’t offer you. So there you go… 2 very big reasons for gambling online.

The important thing about online casinos is selecting the best online casinos to play at and there are a few things you need to consider when making your choice. You need to consider the software, licenses, bonuses, support and most importantly the games. The main software providers include RTG, Vegas Technology, PartyGaming and Playtech. The first two accept US players and the top casinos that use those software providers include Cherry Red Casino, Crazy Slots Casino and Online Vegas Casino. The last two (PartyGaming and Playtech) do not accept US players and the top casinos that use those software providers include Casino Las Vegas, Noble Casino and Party Casino.

Now here’s a guide to online casino games. The most played games at online casinos include Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps and Poker. The most popular of these are the online casino slots.

Slots come in many themes and varieties… You can play 3 reel slots or 5 reel slots (often called video slots). The video slots are very popular because they offer various features like free spins and bonus games. The best slot games to play are the progressive jackpot slots. If you win a progressive jackpot slot the chances are that you will win more than a million bucks! The jackpot can be hit anytime on just about any spin because the slots work on a random number generator. This means that every spin is independent of the one before it and all results on the reels are random. So as you can see slots are luck games where you don’t need any skill to play them.

Next, let us take a look at the game of Blackjack. Always look for a game which offers you to split pairs as many times as you like, if they restrict the split the house gets the advantage. Also look for Blackjack games that allow you to double down on bets. Always look for casinos where the dealer has to stand on 17. Playing online blackjack is otherwise the same like playing it in land based casinos. All you need to know is when to stand and when to hit to make the dealer break so that you can win money. It does not matter how good your card is, all that counts is the dealers card has to be worse than yours. Some people are great at blackjack card counting but this doesn’t work online.

When it comes to Roulette, the payout is for the winning numbers that you bet on and you can pretty much have any variation of bets in each spin. There are two variations of Roulette: American Roulette which comes with an extra double zero and European Roulette. I would recommend playing the European Roulette since it does not feature an extra number (00) as this always reduces your odds and increases the house advantage. The inside minimum bets are lower than the outside minimum bets but you need to wager the entire bet in one piece for the outside bet. Make sure that you know the inside and outside minimum bet values before you start betting on a roulette table as it may vary from one online casino to another.